Last year we participated in the GivenGain global fundraising campaign on 1 December 2020 to raise funds for a new mini bus. The H1 bus was at the end of its useful life and needed to be replaced. Thanks to generous donations received, we raised R70k. But this was not enough!  We needed to continue our fundraising efforts.  Finally, we managed to “scrape” enough money together to go ahead with the purchase of a brand new Toyota minibus (16 seater).

Exactly a year later, on 30 November 2021, the new Toyota Bus arrived!

Staff and children were so ecstatic and couldn’t wait to jump in and get a ride in their new bus.!

A huge thank you to all our supporters and donors, especially our partners LoveUSA, who funded the bulk of this purchase.


Why does Lily need a new vehicle?

One of the main reasons is that Village is situated in an isolated semi-rural location far from town or easy access to shopping and other amenities. The roads are rough and rugged and children are scattered around various local rural schools. Our vehicles clock up mileage very quickly and take a beating with running costs becoming unmanageable much sooner. A reliable, robust vehicle is an indispensable tool for us in fulfilling our mission and vision in raising the children in our care.

During a fundraising campaign for a new minibus for the Village in November 2020 we raised R41,078 out of our initial target of R100,000 (Total required R450k).  Thank you to each and every donor who generously gave to this cause! We are not discouraged and are continuing with our fundraising efforts for the vehicle this year as one of Lily’s fundraising projects.
Please use “LOV Bus” as a reference when making a donation.


Thanks to various donations we were able to do smaller renovations on the Lily houses in the last couple of years. But still after 27 Years the houses are in need of proper refurbishing. 
Last year we received a substantial donation from the “Stuftung Deichmann” in Germany and were able to start working on House 2. The carpets and furniture are out and we are now working on repairs and painting. 
The bathroom and kitchen will be revamped. We are looking into the best possible furniture and household items to set up the house once it is ready. Apart from house 2 we have identified two more houses that we will be able to tackle. 
We would love to refurbish all 16 houses as soon as possible to be able to help the children and youth to feel more at home. 

Please use “LOV House Refurbishing” as a reference when making a donation.