House refurbishing

After a quarter of a century one can see the wear and tear of several generations of children passing though. Furniture, floors and walls are in need of replacing and refurbishing.

We want to improve the living situation in the children’s village and help improve the home of the children living here. First step will be to refurbish floors, walls and sanitation. The second step is to replace and add furniture and household wares.

We were able to start some of the refurbishing in the last year but it is a long way until we can get all houses in the village done.

Water project

Lily of the Valley is a children’s village in South Africa. 180 children, house mothers and staff have to be supplied with water every day. South Africa has been experiencing a severe drought for a long time now which makes running water scarce. As a temporary solution we collect and store water in buckets, tanks and other containers. We want to fundraise for a long term solution.

With the help of generous donors we were able to install additional Water-tanks to increase the water storage capacity. Our aim is to install an even larger water storage facility with a possible pumping system linking it to the houses.