What we do

Give a child a home

Residential care, creating a surrogate family

The “Give a child a home” program focuses on providing a community focused environment for each

child where they learn to feel and understand what caring for each other all is about. 

The Social Worker ensures each house mother provides the best care and that each home spends daily

family time doing age appropriate activities. This includes developing a household routine including

family meal times, reading or storytelling, outdoor time etc.

keep a kid healthy

Medical Management Programme

This program falls under our medical and health management department. Lily of the Valley has an onsite clinic, including a pharmacy, which is overseen by our Medical Coordinator and part time Doctor to assess each child’s needs and establish a care plan. The children often come to Lily in a very poor physical state. This is due to neglect, abuse or poverty in their family environment, leading to inadequate nutrition
or medical care , especially for those that are HIV positive or disabled.

give a child an education

ECD, Primary and High School

With the onset of Covid 19 in 2020, we have had to re-think how we can best educate our children, this is no small feat, as there are so many contributing factor to their education that has hindered them from receiving the best that is available.
To ensure that as we move forward we are looking to get the services of an educational management consultant, who will go through every aspect of the educational need of the children and to know how we can best serve them. This project will need some financial support.
If you want to support this area please use “LOV Education project” as a reference when
making a donation.

empower a life with resilience

Lifeskills and Mentoring for long term survival.

Our Youth Development program focuses on helping our kids to develop a healthy lifestyle,
good social interaction, resilience, team work, and various other Life-skills. This is
coordinated through activities including arts and crafts, drama and dance, sports and various
other activities.
We aim to give as much individual support as needed for the young adults to grow on their
way to their adult independent life outside of Lily. Some of our services are career testing, job
shadowing and work experience. Practical training like “taking public transport” and
budgeting are also part of our program. Moreover, we help the young people to settle into
their new lives outside helping them practically and empowering to find their own ways. .