Lily of the Valley - South Africa

Hope for 120 vulnerable children

Who we are

Lily of the Valley provides children and young adults with the holistic care they need to unlock their true potential. By raising them in a Christ-centered, healthy environment and ensuring that we impart the values and skills they need to succeed, they are able to grow into well-adjusted and contributing members of society.

Our experience and positive ties with government mean that we’re able to work
effectively within our community. Ultimately, our hands-on work gives partners and
supporters a tangible way to invest in the future generation.

Our beliefs

Everything we do is informed by our Christian beliefs. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our children and young adults, but never lose sight of our goal of serving Jesus and raising our children to have faith in Him. We aim to see all activities that we do at
Lily grounded in our faith in Christ because we believe that God should be the centre of all that we do.

What we do

Lily of the Valley provides holistic care for children and youth who have been marginalised through HIV and AIDS and a broken society.

Support the transition into society.

It is our goal to equip our kids with the life skills they need for an independent life outside of Lily. One of the main elements is that the children get a qualified education. Lily of the Valley is working towards a new schooling solution. We want to be able to support the individual needs of our children while also meeting their therapeutic and emotional needs.

Environment for Growth

At Lily we want to create an environment in which the children can flourish by providing a home and a profound sense of belonging. After 25 years one of our main goals is to improve the quality of living for the children.