After a long hard year fraught with challenges, we are thrilled to report that the water project has finally been completed. In September the homes were connected to the water reticulation system. Voila! There was water in the taps!  The children could bath without first fetching and carrying water, and Ma’s could use the washing machines. No more carrying of buckets of water every day!

The changeover has not been without problems.  When it’s so easy to simply turn on a tap, one doesn’t realize how much water is being used and the borehole can only supply a limited amount of water.  The water holding tank still needs to be topped up with municipal water on a regular basis.

A big THANK YOU to Rotary International! We are extremely grateful to Rotary for making this project a reality and helping the village to be a bit more water independent.  We are looking forward to the “official commissioning” of the water project early next year.  Watch this space!


We want to honor a very special organization that has been supporting Lily for well over 10 years now.  They have been quietly and faithfully delivering chicken to the village every single month!  We have never been short of this lovely supply of protein to keep our children strong and healthy.  What an incredible blessing RCL has been to us!

Thank you RCL (Rainbow Chicken)/DoMore Foundation for partnering with us and supporting us all this time.  Here are some interesting statistics of the generous supplies of chicken we have received:

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For most of us shopping is usually a chore.  But for our children the opportunity to go shopping is an outing – an outing and a learning experience!  Recently our older boys, who badly needed to replace old worn out clothes or had simply grown out of them, were afforded the opportunity by buy their own clothes.

The boys were given a budget to work with.  This too was quite an experience for them.  They had to learn how maximize the budget with the items they selected.  Londi, who took them to the mall had her “hands full” helping them and guiding them through the process.  She had quite an entertaining afternoon!


In mid-2020 we received the news that Rotary International will be supporting the Water Harvesting Project at Lily. 
In October a maintenance team moved into our Bush willow House to be able to work on the project and help us establish a reliable water supply system. With this donation and also with the help of many other donations from across the world it is now possible for Lily to work on a long-
term water solution.
In the first month, the team was busy installing, fixing and adjusting gutters and installed a piping system to direct the water to the 358 thousand liter water tank that was erected as part of the project, the tank will store both rain and municipal water. A new bore hole has also been drilled which will be used, when necessary, to supplement water supply. A pump station, with pump and water purification system has also been installed that will supply water on demand, via a new reticulation system to the houses.
We are excited about this development and eager to see it fully up and running. We would love to refurbish all 16 houses as soon as possible to be able to help the children and youth to feel more at home. 


This month we celebrated World Hunger Day. We remember how important healthy nutrition is for our kids and how we want to continue investing in their health and growth. We are thankful for donations like the one from Atlas Towers that help us continue giving out the food to the children’s houses. We are dependent on support to be able to continue providing healthy food at Lily.