In mid-2020 we received the news that Rotary International will be supporting the Water Harvesting Project at Lily. 
In October a maintenance team moved into our Bush willow House to be able to work on the project and help us establish a reliable water supply system. With this donation and also with the help of many other donations from across the world it is now possible for Lily to work on a long-
term water solution.
In the first month, the team was busy installing, fixing and adjusting gutters and installed a piping system to direct the water to the 358 thousand liter water tank that was erected as part of the project, the tank will store both rain and municipal water. A new bore hole has also been drilled which will be used, when necessary, to supplement water supply. A pump station, with pump and water purification system has also been installed that will supply water on demand, via a new reticulation system to the houses.
We are excited about this development and eager to see it fully up and running. We would love to refurbish all 16 houses as soon as possible to be able to help the children and youth to feel more at home. 

Youth Day

On Tuesday the 16 of June 2020 was Youth Day in South Africa. It is a
commemoration of the Soweto Uprising, which took place on 16 June 1976, where thousands of students were ambushed by the Apartheid regime.
Each year we also celebrate Youth Day in the village. This year forty
of our teenagers participated in this enormous event. It was an important and special day for them as they had spent one week thoroughly preparing for their performances. It was exciting to see our teenagers leading small groups and faithfully encouraging their peers while practising. During the week of preparation, it was great to see a spirit of unity and harmony in the village.
Even though this was a youth celebration all children were looking
forward to this day and wanted to show their God-given talent. So the pre-teens also had the opportunity to perform some items. Our young people’s performances were well presented and everyone enjoyed the day with all its artistic display, the gathering and the refreshments.


After weeks in lockdown the kids at Lily learned hygiene procedures and adapted somewhat to the changes that have happened in the village. Since schools were closed all children have been home-schooling with the amazing on sight staff.  Movement of people in the Village has been reduced to a minimum of shopping- and hospital trips and a few other important errands. It has been hard for the Children who miss their friends at school and the staff; many of them have not been able to see their families for many weeks. As we adapt to the situation in South Africa we are busy trying to make the right decision for Lily as a Village.


Please click on the banner above to be taken directly to the South African Government website. The required information is linked in the accompanying health dept banner.


This month we celebrated World Hunger Day. We remember how important healthy nutrition is for our kids and how we want to continue investing in their health and growth. We are thankful for donations like the one from Atlas Towers that help us continue giving out the food to the children’s houses. We are dependent on support to be able to continue providing healthy food at Lily.